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DPF Cleaning in Ardrishaig

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Do you have a blocked DPF?

The DPF warning light or a blocked DPF is often down to another fault with your vehicle.
It’s important to find the root cause of this fault rather than just providing a DPF clean.

Your DPF collects harmful soot particles to prevent them entering the atmosphere and being breathed in by us.

The DPF goes through its own cleaning process known as a DPF regeneration. You will see a DPF warning light if there is a problem with your vehicles DPF regeneration.

Do not ignore a DPF warning light as this could result in more damage and a larger repair cost.

Either refer to the instructions in your handbook or if you’re unsure then contact us as soon as possible. We prioritise DPF cleans and repairs in our workshop.

  • DPF Investigation & Diagnosis
  • DPF Cleaning
  • DPF Regenerations
  • DPF Repairs
  • DPF Solutions
  • DPF Cleans

When your vehicle arrives in our workshop we have a thorough checklist and procedures we follow to investigate and identify the route cause(s) for your DPF problem. Once the cause has been rectified we provide a DPF clean, but only if it is required.

The DPF Doctor

We are also very proud to be an accredited member of The DPF Doctor network, the UK’s leading network of DPF specialists. The network includes members from some of the leading vehicle technicians in the UK. This gives us access to ever evolving technical advice and an abundant amount of knowledge and information.

DPF Cleans

It’s very important that we rectify the faults that are causing your DPF to block or fail a regeneration. We are often asked by our customers to just do a DPF clean. We believe in providing the best possible service and value to our customers so we do not do DPF cleans without first rectifying the underlying cause(s). By identifying the causes of  DPF problems we are able to provide a DPF solution, first time, every time.

For all your DPF issues or any other vehicle related problems please get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

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