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Over the last few years, vehicle tuning has become very popular outside of ‘boy racer’ circles.

We currently cater for a wide range of vehicles, from an everyday driver with a turbo diesel engine too work vans carrying heavier loads.

There are lot of myths and speculation around this type of work and it comes under many different name:

  • Tuning
  • Re-Mapping
  • Performance Software
  • Chipping

Whatever you want to call it, the principles are the same. The vehicles engine control unit is loaded with a map from the factory. This is a set of predetermined values for fuel, boost pressure, and timing  that allow the engine to run smoothly. These can be altered to allow for more power output, or for more economical fuel consumption.

Will this harm the engine? And why haven’t the manufacturers done this in the first place?

In short no, this won’t harm the engine, we outsource all our files from Avon Tuning, who have carried out thousands of modifications on vehicles. They wouldn’t last long if they were creating poor quality files. We also carry out before and after checks to make sure there are no underlying faults. We value our reputation and wouldn’t risk the bad press of damaging an engine. Please bare in mind though, that some vehicles require upgraded parts before having the new software due to known issues. A common example is the Corsa VXR that overfuels cylinder 4, melting the piston. This happens even on untuned examples.

The reason manufacturers don’t do this from the factory is for many reasons. The main one being to cater for different markets. Not everyone requires lots of power. Therefore they can save money by using the same engine in their basic models as they do in their high performance vehicles. The Volkwagen Golf uses the 1.9tdi engine and offers it in many specs, 100bhp, 130bhp, 150bhp, and 170bhp.

You can’t tune a vehicle without a rolling road, or can you?

The simple answer to this, is yes. However, the files we use were all originally done on a rolling road. Once you have done this once, it does not need to be repeated on every vehicle. The file writer will have spent hours finding the sweet spot, and this can then be used again on another vehicle with the same original software. Custom and Generic are terms thrown around loosely, but the fact is, ‘custom tuning’ and rolling roads are mainly used for highly modified projects were the vehicle is far from original, often with custom injectors and turbos, that need fine tuned.

So whether you are looking for better fuel economy or more power come and have a chat with us and see if it would be of benefit to you.

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